Living with PH

If you or a loved one has just been diagnosed with PH, you may be confused, and a little scared, by all the information you’re receiving. This is the first Canadian website dedicated to the education of patients with PH and their families.

In simple, clear terms, we present current information on PH, including ideas about the disease itself, the scientific understanding of PH, the steps in the diagnosis of PH, and the treatment of PH. You may browse the information, print it out, and share it with your family, friends, and your healthcare givers, including your physicians.

Your feedback is welcome. Let us know what other information could be useful to you, or how we may improve your website. Please note that we cannot address questions about your health, your diagnosis, or treatment of your illnesses, including PH.

Dr. Sanjay Mehta, London Health Sciences Centre – Victoria Hospital
Mrs. Linda Arsenault, Millennium Medical Communications